2004 $50.00 FRN EG88888888A 67Q




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2004 Series $50.00 Federal Reserve Note coming from the Chicago District. A straight eight solid serial number E-G88888888A. Graded by P.M.G #67 Exceptional Paper Quality. You are looking at the first solid 8’s ever to come about. A flawless solid 8’s on a next generation fifty. THERE ARE zero RECORDS TO EVER INVOLE A $50.00 SOLID 8’S offering EVER. USARARE has had the privilege of offering one to the collecting fraternity.

About three years ago we sold two unheard of $2.00 FRN’s containing a solid 8’s serial number for $8000.00 & $9000.00 respectfully. About six years ago we were able to acquire a 2006 $100.00 FRN solid 8’s for $7500.00.  Last year the first Solid 8’s on a Next Generation 2009 Series $100.00 was instantly sold for $10,000.00.

Today we are offering this one of a kind to date Next Generation $50.00 Solid 8’s. UNIQUE to the collecting Community. A tuff note to come about, an missing from anyone that is trying to put together a set of solid 8’s. WHAT A NOTE!

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