1976 $2.00 FRN D22222222A 63Q


SOLID 2’S ON A $2.00

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FR-1935-D  1976 Series $2.00 Federal Reserve note containing eight 2’s…. From the Cleveland District. A rare unique Solid 2’s on a 1976 Series. One of #3 solid 2’s from 1976 Series to Date that have came into the marketplace. One of them which was just sold recently here at Usarare a 2003A Series $2.00 B222222222A. PMG #40 per $3900.00 , A 2009 $2.00 B22222222A which was sold by Mike Abramson from Executive Currency 2016 offered at $15,000.00 in Gem. Today were are offering the one and only 1976 Series. Solid 2’s. Graded by P.M.G #63EPQ, Exceptional Paper Quality. A Choice Uncirculated note. Slightly minimal type handling noticed in holder. Centered off on front, centered nicely on the reverse. ex Mel Wilmore collection.

All 2’s on a $2.00….

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