1935F $1.00 SILVER U00000001I SN #1 62Q



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Fr. 1615 1935F Series $1.00 Silver Certificate coming from the U-I BLOCK RUN. The first note ever printed for this block run, U00000001I SERIAL #1. An early series silver certificate 1935F series. A fresh out of the pack or say right from the top of the pack Serial #1. Graded by a third party P.C.G.S #62PPQ. An original Pure Paper Quality note. P.C.G.S has graded this note a 62ppq for the Centering being so low in the front. This was not cut wrong. It was the alignment on the front plate being dropped low. The reverse was centered nicely. If the note was centered better it surely would of hit the Gem Marker. However it has bright white paper, nice bold inks, fully original. It stands out being an early series silver certificate serial one note.


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