1928B $10.00 FRN G20000002A RADAR 65Q


Fr. 2002a-G 1928B $10 DGS graded PCGS65PPQ Gem New.  Serial #: G20000002A

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Fr. 2002a-G 1928B Series $10 D.G.S Bearing not only a rare radar serial number that only has 0-2’s in the serial. 20000002. From 1928 to 2009 Series these radar serial numbers have only shown up 5 times with this serial number. 2013 Series leap presses were introduced now seeing 20000002 serial numbers. A rare radar serial number to come across on a 1928 series. An extremely rare radar on a 1928 series frn. I have yet to see another two digit 1928 series FRN RADAR? Graded PCGS-65PPQ Gem New.

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