FR-234 1899 $1.00 SILVER E9A-E12A CUT SHEET



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Fr.234  #4 1899 Series One Dollar Silver Certificates. Coming from the 3rd sheet ever printed for the E-A block run. A major mishap at the bureau of engraving and printing. Sheets are printed on four plates, four notes per sheet. 1234—-5678—-9-10-11-12.  At some point while starting the third sheet there was a problem. The wrong PREFIX LETTER ( B ) was installed onto the note. NOT AN (E). Instead of throwing out the sheet, it was erased and re-used with the correct prefix letter ( E ).  You can see on the serial E9A that the note was corrected at the bottom, & top of the note. 300DPI pictures are added of the top and bottom serial numbers. Faint marking’s of the WRONG FONT are clearly seen. Third party grading company P.C.G.S has authenticated this note as being genuine, MIS APPLICATIONED Then Corrected. A major mistake to happen at the BEP, then sent out with the rest of the first pack. Coming from the third sheet ever printed as stated earlier. E9A-E10-E11A-E12A.  E9A has been graded #63- E10A has been graded #64- E11A has been graded 65q- E12A has been graded 64q.  A full cut sheet with a major mishap at the BEP which was done by a human and NOT a by a machine. Who fixes there own mistakes at the BUREAU?  Not only the wrong prefix used….   the 3rd sheet printed?

Making this PREFIX ERROR one of a kind!


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