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Amazing complete denomination set of third print’s on the reverse “overprint” set of notes. On small head denominations. Rarely ever offered! This set is one of a kind, not only does it have the $2.00….. it also has a bookend set on $100’s. This set features grades at the 66q level an all of them are GEM. #9 notes in this group, a denomination set being sold as whole. If you were putting a set together, the $2.00 and $100.00 would be your last pick up’s. Here’s a complete small head set on FRN’S.

1995 $1.00 FRN F45290353A P.M.G #66EPQ

1976 $2.00 FRN G62313815A P.M.G #65EPQ

A very rare note that is on many want list’s…..  the key to the set that is NEVER OFFERED. A 1976 series, one of just #5 known on all series of $2.00 FRN’S from 1976 series to 2013 series. A very nice looking GEM 65EPQ.

1981A $5.00 FRN C03157011A P.M.G #66EPQ

1977A $10.00 FRN L81156909A  P.M.G #66EPQ

1988A $20.00 FRN A53189972B P.M.G #66EPQ

1985 $50.00 FRN B06660831D P.C.G.S #66PPQ

#3 1988 $100.00 FRN B63320667B P.M.G #66EPQ  Comes with both bookend notes, ALL graded by P.M.G #66EPQ. A trio of dead on centered notes with the middle one being the overprint on the reverse.

Inverted overprints on $2.00’s are readily available……    truth be told the 3rd on the reverse is just not known on a $2.00. Making this set worth many times over, very rare to duplicate. You also have a wonderful $100.00 book end set of notes here.. tuff to duplicate.

Years….. if not a decade may cost you to try and put together a set like this one. We are offering it as one. A remarkable set of 66q notes.


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