2013 $100.00 FRN **PRINTED SCRAP**



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Fr-2188-B  2013 Series $100.00 FRN coming from the New York District. An error that should of never left the bureau of engraving and printing. However it was found inside a new series pack. This sheet was pushed backwards folded over causing the cutting error to keep this small portion inside the pack. A full serial number M-B27279858C. The top portion of the sheet has the selvage still attached, this was NOT a human error, the serial number at 28 million is within the production run.  We would call this error a printed scrap portion…. from the cutting error.

Errors are not as frequently seen on big heads as they were with small head designs, pre 1995. 100’S ESPECIALLY, Most of them are cutting error’s, even the cover of the newest edition of Fred Bart’s error book has a cutting error which brought over $5000.00 in public auction. This error we are offering is very unique so far in the currency fraternity. First one we have offered by usarare. First one we have seen on a new series next generation $100.00.

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