1988A $1.00 *WEB INVERTED 3RD* #35


One of just twelve known inverted overprints on a WEB

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Fr. 1917-F* 1988a Series $1.00 Federal Reserve coming from the Atlanta District. What is a WEB NOTE? It an experimental note that was used for high speed printing by the bureau of engraving and printing.  A press that could push three times more faster than the normal.  Making production quicker. Used in 1988a-1993-1995 series $1.00 frn’s. From 1988 series to 1995 series there has been about a baker’s dozen of inverted overprints on web press notes in all grades. As shown we have an F-U BLOCK, run #11. plate 4/8.  In 2004 Usarare came across two consecutive 1995 series inverted overprints which were uncirculated an sold from the website priced at $7500.00 for the pair. This F-U block grades P.C.G.S #35 VERY FINE TO EXTRA FINE. A rare note to come across, a great conversation piece.

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