1988A $1.00 FRN G11/G00 MISMATCH * 64Q



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Fr-1916-G* 1988A Series $1.00 Federal Reserve note coming from the Chicago District. A two digit STAR mismatch/ G1109911*—G00409911*. Graded by a third party P.M.G #64Q. As a Choice Uncirculated note. Exceptional Paper Quality. Great conversation piece.

So about 18 years ago, I was contacted by a woman from Arkansas. She told me she needed $1.00’s. Went into the local bank an came out with #100 dollars worth. (One pack). Looking at it on the kitchen table she noticed the serial numbers had stars. She then focused on the serial numbers, seeing that they were wrong on each side. After making a few phone calls, she contacted USARARE that had bought 3-5 notes every 6 months for the next few years. I was told, the family needs another vacation.! LOL. Every time she called. I had asked how many were there?. I was told #60 in the pack. Usarare was able to buy about #50 from the pack over time. The other #10 she went to hold onto.   If you go ahead an read Fred Bart’s 4th edition error book he will glady tell you about buying mismatch stars from a truck driver in Arkansas. Surprisingly there are #2 different serial number runs.   Last four digit’s ending #9901-#9970 area.  The other run #8601-8650 area.

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