It basically all started with a “let me post that note on eBay.”

My father, William Baeder SR, had gotten involved in numismatic’s in the late sixties while operating a gas station. Taking in a lot of cash everyday, he spotted a butterfly error on a twenty. He took that very note to a local coin store in Philadelphia where he showed it. He was offered thirty dollars for it.  From that point on my father had struck a strong interest in collecting blunders. As time went on, my father went to the once a week coin shows. Every Sunday of the month for years was another show in the tri-state area. It grew into national shows, going to Memphis in 1985, Fun show, and of course Baltimore in our backyard twice a year.

Me, William Baeder Jr, had tagged along to all the local shows while growing up. I was given $2.00-$3.00 by my father to add to my coin collection. The New Jersey Race track was always a good show on a Sunday in the 1980’s. I had put together a collection of Lincoln cents (including the 14D, 22 die par #2, 09SVDB), Indian head cents (1877), and Large cents. I was in the zone of buying pennies over the years.  I graduated into collecting more serious as I got a job as a teenager. It was nice looking at a collection that you started at five years old, having interest so many years later it became stronger.

In 1998 I was observing my father packing up to go to another St. Louis show, he had a leather case with a few hundred notes inside. I said to him, “I’ve sold a few coins that I recently purchased at the firehouse show on this website called eBay. Let me try to sell one of your notes.” He gave me a 1928 $100.00 FRN G00000010*. Grades Fine with pinholes.  He told me anything over $600.00 is yours. Seven days later it sold on eBay for nearly twice as much.

In September of 1998 the USARARE website opened. We have been buying collections, estate sales, going to local auctions, traveling to every Memphis, Florida Fun Show. Participating in 100’s of shows over the years, an while setting up on the bourse floor from 1998-2013. Since 1998, USARARE has been recognized on T.V, Radio, Bank Note Reporter, Coin World, posted in various currency books.

Over the years we have bought and sold many rarities here at USARARE online, such as the only Modern Mixed Denomination Error Set, Complete set of Large Size 1899 Series $1.00 Silver Certificate’s bearing full solid serial numbers, the one an only unique 1928 Series $500.00 FRN C00000001A. Many notes to list.

Today….  Nearly Twenty Years! We were one of the first currency website’s online. Yes, there were only a few websites active back then when we got started. We have seen the change of hands with notes, collections broken up, faces that have left, an new ones that have arrived. The determination, JOY, Passion of collecting makes it all the way… Worth it. Providing Rare Collectible Currency for your collection.

William “BILLY” Baeder


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Below are a few notes from the Usarare collection.

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