New news....  The Usarare website will have some new updates being performed in the next upcoming weeks. Site pages will be changed, cleaned up. Changes are being done throughout. The website has needed attention for quite sometime. After going to Memphis this year, usarare had made a decision to create a larger inventory within the site. This means that we will be able to
sell in more area's than EVER before. Category pages will drop from nine pages to just six. This will improve looking at notes.  Currently we have over #250 new notes to introduce onto the site. These notes will starting hitting the website within the next six weeks. Outlets that will be loading to the site will not just come from Billy Baeder. They will also be coming from a good friend, numismatic currency dealer Greg Muselli. Gregory welcome to USARARE.COM.

Stay tuned more updates will follow......



*FR-1500 1928 $1.00 USN A00001111A P.M.G #67EPQ PRICED $XXXX.XX

*FR-2004-C 1934 $10.00 FRN C00000001A P.M.G #58EPQ PRICED $XX,XXX.XX

*FR-224 1896 $1.00 SILVER <873230>  P.C.G.S #66PPQ $XXXX.XX



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